How to Have Hope in a World Where Everything Feels Hopeless

How do I have hope when all I hear is negativity around me?  

Learn how to have a more positive outlook on life and regain your hope.

I understand.  It is very hard to see a bright future with all of the negativity in the news and on Facebook.  It's everywhere.  We have not been able to get into groups, attend church, or do the things we've always enjoyed. That is why it's such a struggle to have hope.  Using the techniques in this article will help you get your positive attitude back.

What I have learned through working with many people in many different walks of life is that "What we see is what we get" and that "No man is an island."  In other words, we cannot do things alone.  We need to depend upon others and our faith.  It doesn't really matter what your faith is in, but you still have to have it.  As I have gotten older, I have noticed that I cannot carry my burdens alone nor is it any fun to celebrate my successes by myself.

The problem nowadays is who can you really trust to have your back in all situations.  The one I depend upon is Jesus.  Yours may be different.  But to make it in this world, you have to believe that you have something or someone who supports you, even when you make mistakes or are feeling down.

I have come up with a method that starts and ends your day in journaling.  I know many people feel that it doesn't make a difference, but I challenge you to give it a try.  All you have to do is try it for 21 days.  Just get up 30 minutes earlier and allow 30 minutes before bedtime.  Do not allow any distractions.  Stay focused.  Make sure that you store it in a secure place because this journal is just between you and God or higher power. 

When you write in this journal consistently, you will experience peace and contentment with the direction your life is going.  You will start experiencing His guidance as you travel this life journey.  Again, I challenge you to journal for 21 days in the mornings and evenings to decide for yourself.

There are the questions to address daily.

  • Morning Review
    • FIRST SECTION:  How am I feeling right now?  Why do I feel this way?  What can I do about it?  God, what are you telling me?
    • SECOND SECTION:  God, guide me as I make this life journey to become the best person that I can be.  What tasks do I need to do today to reach my goal?
    • THIRD SECTION:  God, what do I have to be thankful for and why?
  • Evening Review
    • FIRST SECTION:  How am I feeling right now?  Why do I feel this way?  What can I do about it?  God, what are you telling me?
    • SECOND SECTION:  What was NOT GOOD about today?  God, what were the lessons that You were teaching me today through this experience?  How can I change so I don't repeat it in the future?
    • THIRD SECTION:  What was GOOD about today?  God, thank you for today's blessings.  What can I do to experience these again?

You can take this one step further by using these journal reviews as something to discuss with your spouse or family.  Your relationships will improve If each of you does all or a portion of each review each day.  You don't have to discuss it all, but only pick parts to discuss...especially the "Thank you" and "Blessing" sections.

Just try it for 21 days and see what a difference it will make in your life.

May God Bless You Until Next Time,


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